【英語研究部】ディスカッション講座[ EP ENGLISH (Expand Possibilities in English)~Let’s Discuss Global Issues ~]

ディスカッション講座 EP ENGLISH ~ Let’s Discuss Global Issues ~がスタートしました。





On Friday, Daniel’s discussion class started with a small group of motivated students who want to improve their English speaking. The theme of the course is International Relations so we began talking about the future of immigration in Japan. First, we discussed the pros and cons of the current immigration policy, and then the various issues that would arise if the policy was loosened. The students came to a consensus that more immigrants should be allowed to enter Japan; however, they were not aware of how many issues arise if that happens. I outlined several key issues such as low vs. high-skilled workers, acculturation, worker exploitation and changing social norms, which the students will research for the next class. I hope that this results in an interesting and active exchange of ideas.